One of the most frequently asked questions for those who buy a cashmere garment is: How do I wash it?
In this mini guide we will provide a series of useful tips for washing and storing the garment in the best possible way because a cashmere sweater is a precious garment that if treated with care can last a lifetime.
Let's immediately dispel a myth, a cashmere sweater can be washed in the washing machine.
So, you can choose between a hand wash or the classic washing machine
To wash by hand, just fill a basin, put a drop of non-aggressive detergent and insert the garment inside out.
Make it wet well, massage it; but DO NOT twist it, rub it or avoid leaving it too immersed in water.
Once removed from the bowl, rinse with running water and leave to dry.
If you use the washing machine instead just follow four simple rules:
1) insert the garment inside out or inside an envelope
2) use a mild soap, for example Marseille soap
3) use the wool program at low temperatures (below 30 °)
4) use a very low spin (below 400 rpm) or avoid it
Once you have finished the procedures, let the garment dry, it is not recommended to use a dryer because the high temperatures could ruin the fibers.
Once dry, iron without applying pressure but giving short steam strokes to the sweater.
If you have followed all the advice, your boss will have kept all his qualities.